Goal: $750,000


Why Now

Educate - Patient Story

I remember one instance when somebody told me, “Oh, these 13 year olds need to know more about sex; they’re starting sex earlier and earlier.” And I said, “My peers, 18 to 24 years old, they don’t know about sex.”

- Ozakh, college student

So, I really love Planned Parenthood’s Sexperts program. Sexperts is an intensive sexual health education program for college students. We go through identity, pleasure points, anatomy, STIs, consent, abortion, and the list goes on. It’s a really great opportunity for college students from around Memphis to get together and talk about sex, talk about how they’re going to be change makers on their college campus, so that they can take the information that they got from Sexperts and really make an effort to change campus discussion around sexual health education. That’s really important.

We can’t keep treating knowledge and access to services that help us live as commodities that should be held above other people. Where is our humanity? Where is the drive within us to help other people succeed? Where is our compassion? It’s places like Planned Parenthood that are driven by compassion and that’s why they’re so important. Even though it’s an organization, it helps us to love and to create a friendly environment where other people can find comfort and services that are difficult to seek out, especially if you don’t even know you would need the service in the first place.

Planned Parenthood is a community. It’s not just a non-profit organization, it’s a community. And in order for a community to run, there have to be certain roles that are filled. So, simply saying the words “I stand with Planned Parenthood” is powerful, but it’s not enough. A community needs people in it in order to run. It needs people in it in order to succeed.

If you stand with Planned Parenthood and you want it to succeed, then be a part of that success by taking action and contributing. Use the privilege that you have of doing these things, of taking action, because so many people can’t. If you view that as a privilege and you take advantage of that privilege and you use that privilege for good, then you’re really standing with Planned Parenthood.

What We Do Now

  • 173 classes on sexual health topics for people of all ages
  • 81 area healthcare professionals participated
  • 40 community fairs and festivals
  • 645,545 condoms distributed through Free Condoms Memphis
  • 569 HIV counseling and tests at Latino Memphis, the University of Memphis, and other community settings
*Data collected from FY 2015

What We Need Now

Youth Comprehensive Sexuality Education - $350,000

Culturally and linguistically-sensitive programs for adolescents and parents, emphasizing social and emotional skills as a key component of healthy relationships and responsible decision making.

5 New Partnerships With Area Middle- and High-Schools Added Annually

College Campus Outreach - $250,000

Peer education programs that create an honest and open environment for young adults to engage in discussions about sexuality and sexual health.

125 College-Age Students Educated and Engaged Each Year

Adult Comprehensive Sexuality Education - $150,000

Education programs for adults, ranging from lessons on life and physical changes that require new expectations for sexuality to programs for adults with intellectual disabilities.

25% Increase in Adults Educated
100 Area Health Professionals Trained on Sexuality and Reproductive Health