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Letter from Co-Chairs

Campaign Co-Chairs

As Planned Parenthood begins its 75th year in Memphis, we face the biggest battle in our history. As incredible as it sounds, we are up against a more radical and determined opposition in 2016 than we were when our doors opened in 1941.

Right now, there are vocal people across the country working to make sure that Planned Parenthood does not continue. They are fueled by fear and misinformation. They want Planned Parenthood blocked from continuing our mission in ways that seem unimaginable in the 21st century.

Fortunately, we have committed people, like you, on our side. Here, you will read some of their stories. These are local women who came forward joyfully to tell why Planned Parenthood is essential, not only to them, but to Memphis and our whole region. They are from diverse backgrounds and have traveled different roads to Planned Parenthood, but they share passion and a unifying message: “The time to act is now.”

That’s why we’re embarking on The Now Campaign. The threat to accessible, necessary health care is real and imminent. We, as community stakeholders, must respond now by strengthening and expanding the reach in our own backyard. We must enhance our facilities now to make them the havens of compassion and trust people need. We must educate a new generation now so they can spread truth and change the poor health outcomes that follow us into this anniversary year. We must strengthen our resolve that we will not be beaten in this fight.

We share this campaign with you because your personal values are consistent with our mission. For your support, we thank you. But, while our needs are evergreen, this year it is urgent and essential. The Now Campaign will be a monumental stride for PPGMR during a monumental year. We have neighbors waiting to be engaged, allies who are ready to fight beside us, and we must enlist them now. We can show them that we aren’t slowing down, that you can see results happening here and now. But we cannot do this without you.

Help us win this important struggle now -- and be strong for the next 75 years!

Carol & Bert Barnett
Kim & Robert Cox

Now Campaign Cabinet

  • Carol & Bert Barnett Campaign Co-Chairs
  • Kim & Robert Cox Campaign Co-Chairs
  • Lucia & Jim Gilliland
  • Ann & Mason Hawkins
  • Happy Jones
  • Carol & Gene Katz
  • Beverly Marrero
  • Barbara & Bruce Newman
  • Judy & Nick Ringel
  • Beverly & Howard Robertson
  • Carole & Dr. William Troutt


  • Ashley Coffield President/CEO
  • Dr. Sarah Wallett Medical Director
  • Tarsha Elliott Vice President of Patient Services
  • Jo Kendrick Vice President of Finance
  • Aimee Lewis Vice President of External Affairs
  • Alma Foster-Edwards Health Center Manager
  • Grace Weil Director of Development

Board of Directors

  • Barbara Newman Chair
  • Elizabeth Cawein
  • Terrell Cheatham-Carpenter
  • Jonathan Cole
  • Robert Cox
  • Susan Pack Davis
  • Earle Fisher
  • Elizabeth Gilliland
  • Laura Goodman-Bryan
  • Holly Hagan
  • Christiana Leibovich
  • Lynnefer Perry
  • Owen Phillips, M.D.
  • Tami Sawyer
  • Jonathan Scharff
  • Miska Shaw
  • Anna Bess Sorin