Goal: $6,000,000


Why Now

Sustain - Patient Story

To repair the world, we all have to take action.

- Laura, volunteer & board member

When I was a kid growing up, I remember seeing my mom’s friends, my friends’ mom’s friends, and they were just kind of like these older ladies. Looking back now at those women, I realize that those were the women who got me the right to get an MBA. They were the women who funded Planned Parenthood, who got Planned Parenthood so I would have a place to go. They did all sorts of things that I was completely unaware of.

So it’s my responsibility, it’s all of our responsibility to support Planned Parenthood for our daughters and for their daughters and for the daughters that we will never know. The daughters of all the men and women who won’t support Planned Parenthood. I’m there for my daughters because there were a lot of women who were there for me. I’m Jewish and a big part of my faith is a responsibility called tikkun olam, meaning we have a responsibility to help repair the world. Planned Parenthood does a lot to repair the world. It helps women take responsibility for their physical health. It’s not enough just to think about something. It’s not enough just to believe something. You have to put your actions and your resources, whatever they are, with your beliefs or you won’t have the things you believe in anymore.

What We Need Now

Create an Endowment For Long-Term Sustainability and Strength - $6,000,000

  • Enhance stability and prestige by sending a message of PPGMR’s longevity, credibility, fiscal responsibility, and financial viability.
  • Allow program expansion for scholarships, staff positions, advocacy, facility maintenance, equipment and supplies, and other purposes.
  • Provide annual support for the PPGMR’s operating budget when it needs additional funding to meet the increasing demand for services.